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Question: I was just searching online for a free residential lease agreement. I noticed so many sites that claimed to have free lease agreement forms. However, most of the times I click a link labeled free rental lease agreement or the like, I get sent to a non-editable page. Or worse yet, a page labeled as free printable lease agreements turns out to have a fee associated with it before being able to actually print it out. All I really want is a truly free rental lease agreement form that I can download, edit as I wish, and use going forward for my own rentals. Can you help? John C., St. Louis, MO.

Answer: John, thanks for taking the time to contact me concerning your quest for free rental lease agreements! It was my own quest a while back for some free apartment lease agreements that led me to create this site, believe it or not! I had gotten extremely frustrated after searching endlessly online for so-called free rental lease agreement forms, due to the very same reasons that you did. Most of the sites claiming to have free residential lease agreements just don't offer much for free! Solid, well-crafted free lease agreements forms are hard to come by, when it comes right down to it. In my business of owning some small retail spaces, I had a particular need for free commercial lease agreements. Let me tell you, they were non-existent.

My main goal in creating this site, and the blog tied to it, is this: develop a spot where the rental community could access, share and swap free online lease agreements. I started the site offering my very own free sample lease agreements, and am offering the blog as the medium for collaboration, sharing and swapping of many other leases.

What I also found over the years is that the attorneys drafting the leases out there, are always regurgitating the same information with only minor detail changes. And, many times, there are particular unique situations tied to a rental scenario that only the owner is aware of and in tune to. Usually, it is a case of a change or adaptation is needed during the term of the lease, which needs to be dealt with immediately. This is a great way to solve that problem!

I don't claim to be an expert on free property lease agreements, by any means. I certainly have a lot of hands on experience, though. But, I thought that if I open the doors via the blog to receive others' versions of free legal lease agreements, we could all benefit!

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