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Lease Agreement

Question: I've been looking online for a free lease agreement and I've come to find many types of lease agreements available - everything from a simple residential lease agreement to very complex rental lease agreements. But now that I have downloaded one, I realize there is a lot to think about as I fill in all the details of the lease agreement form. Do you have any advice?

Answer: You are very correct when it comes to the complexity of leases! I actually built this site to provide you with lease tips and a basic lease agreement template that you can amend to fit your very needs. The free lease agreements that you find online are typically very elementary, in comparison to the leases that I have developed over the years.

By clicking the link above, you have access to several of my personal leases: a lease purchase agreement for a house, a sample lease agreement for an apartment, and a commercial lease agreement that I used for a small retail space here in Cincinnati. They are all yours to use and modify as you wish!

Welcome to I built this site to help you navigate the treacherous waters of lease agreements.

I have owned, managed, and rehabbed all types of property for over 10 years - I am a licensed real estate broker in the State of Ohio. I have seen all types of scenarios. The lease agreement forms on this site are my latest versions of the leases I use. Take them and enjoy!

Remember, if you have any questions concerning these leases, liability, etc., consult an attorney before executing the final lease.

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